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Hello! My name is Erin, and I am excited that this community exists. I discovered Monica Furlong about 12 years ago, when I read Wise Child and Juniper. Since then, I've checked every so often to see if she had finished the 3rd book. 2 days ago, while passing through Ashland, Oregon, I stopped in to a shop, and what did I see, but Colman on the shelf in front of me! The last time I had checked for the 3rd was over a year ago, and I had forgotten since then.
I read it in one sitting last night, and while I did not like it as much as the first two, I still enjoyed it. I'd had no idea that Monica Furlong had passed away, and I am very that she left such beautiful works before leaving.

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I ordered Monica Furlong's autobiography back at the beginning of January, but Amazon has been delaying it (I think it's either back ordered, or they have to have a copy shipped from the UK). At any rate, that's the main reason why this site hasn't been updated. I have been waiting until I had more information on the author before posting again.

Just a note then, I see we have had a few passersby. Hopefully, by the time there are more there will be more resources and interesting things up.

A Traditional Welcome

Good morn, aft, or eve to random browsers, steadfast admirers, book lovers. Stemming from a great love of her books, I created this community for all things Monica Furlong. There is a brief biography of her in the user info section, which I will add to at another point in time. Her most famous books, the Wise Child books are that special variety of children's book which though accessible to even those of a very young age also give thought to older or more experienced readers.

I recently found the trilogy again, recognizing the cover of Wise Child from a memory I had from when I was a younger girl. I fell in love with all three books and their characters, and their strong sweet message. The illustrators - Leo and Diane Dillon- too, I feel I ought to mention here, because it is obvious they read the books before designing the covers, and they do not disappoint. The covers express the artists' respect for the novels and their characters, and little nuances from the books.

This LiveJournal community is for reviews, discussion, information, appreciation, anything relating to the author, her works, the many areas she influenced, or anything else keeping with a vague theme of Furlong. I do not know if this will be very popular, and that is not really a concern of mine. I simply wanted another internet site to make information available to all. A little space, a nook, to enjoy her work in.

As moderator I would like to state that I have but a few rules for this community. I request that those who comment refrain from swearing too harshly, so that people of all ages will be able to easily access and read without worrying about being forbidden from this site by their parents. I also would like to make certain there is no condescension, cruel remarks, or angry reactions, not that I'd expect any of that in a community with Monica Furlong as the subject, but I thought I would put that out there.

Again, welcome. Should you have any questions, feel free to comment.